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Wire Erosion and Spark Erosion Services

We are really pleased to announce that Sheen Spark has recently received Nadcap reaccreditation for Nonconventional Machining and have been placed on the two year Merit List.  An accreditation which we value and regard  as a prestigious endorsement of our ongoing commitment to quality by satisfying customer requirements and industry specifications.

We are Nadcap approved for EDM. We are ISO 9001 and have AS9100 Revision C Accreditation. Founded in 1974, we specialise in providing a first class Wire Erosion and Spark Erosion service to the Aerospace and Engineering Industries.

We Provide a Quality service and honour our delivery schedules.

We have team of experienced, highly skilled operators, and our quality department ensures we maintain the high standards of work that we pride ourselves upon.

  • Wire EDM (electrical discharge machining)
  • Wire Erosion Machine Process
  • Wire Erosion Spark Erosion Services
  • Spark Erosion Process
  • Nadcap approved for non-conventional machining
  • AS9100 Revision C
  • Rolls Royce Approval
Wire Erosion and EDM spark erosion specialists
We are Nadcap Accredited to AC7116/3 and are also ISO 9001:2000 Approved for both Wire Erosion and Spark Erosion.
  • Our Wire Erosion machines offer Automatic Wire Feed, Submerged Cutting on a Work piece up to 400mm thick and 4-Axis taper cutting up to 30º. We can offer Clean Cut Technology to produce an EDM surface finish with virtually Zero Recast White Layer.
  • We utilise the latest Peps Programming software.
  • Our 6 CNC Spark Erosion machines are equipped with “C” Axis and Electrode changer, allowing for precision CNC machining.
  • We have five conventional Spark Erosion machines, all are equipped with 3 Axis Digital Read Outs, and can cope with a range of work pieces.
  • All our Wire Erosion and Spark Erosion machines are maintained and calibrated to meet the very high standards required of the aerospace, military and exotic auto industries.
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Precision CNC machining, and EDM services: 0121 472 6241

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