We are Nadcap approved for EDM. We are ISO 9001 & AS9100 Revision C Accreditation. approved. We also have approvals from major aerospace companies, Including Rolls-Royce, Goodrich/UTC Aerospace Systems, MTU and others.

When Sheen spark was established in 1974, we offered a sub-contract service for Spark Erosion only to Aerospace, Aluminium and Plastic Extrusion companies. At that time Spark Erosion was in its infancy. With the evolution of exotic alloys, metals, powdered metals and sintered material technologies, the need for Spark Erosion and Wire Erosion has also evolved into an industry which machines diverse components for the Aerospace, Medical, Automobile and Plastics Industries.

To cope with the technical demands, Sheen Spark Ltd has continued to invest in state of the art machinery and inspection equipment with the emphasis on quality, honouring delivery schedules and competitive prices. We have established a wide range of customers who rely on our company for their Spark Erosion and Wire Erosion requirements.

In addition to existing contracts we are also involved with our customers in new projects, for which we provide full technical support for the development of CNC programmes and, when required, Spark Erosion and/or Wire Erosion of prototypes so that we can identify at an early stage any production problems and the means of reducing costs to a minimum, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

We are pleased to quote for any enquiry for small, medium or large batch quantities, so click here to contact us and register your details. We will contact you promptly to discuss your specific requirements.

It is our experience with new customers, that after placing the first order, we then develop a long-term trading association as they have been convinced that we provide a first class Spark Erosion / Wire Erosion service in every respect

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